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5 Ways to Get More Fibre in Your Diet

  • Grab: Grab some carrots, capsicum or nuts and seeds
  • Switch: Switch from white bread to wholegrain bread, white pasta to whole wheat, brown rice in place of white rice. Or take it up another notch and try spelt and farro.
  • Crunch: Crunching on Apples, Pears and Figs will provide you with a great source of fibre, and will keep constipation away. Be sure to eat whole fruits and veggies – rather than just juices – as most of the fibre is in the skin.
  • Pop: When a snack craving hits, go for some air-popped popcorn. And try sprinkling with cinnamon or cayenne pepper for a flavour hit.
  • Eat: Eat some beans, peas or lentils with every meal. These little beauties each have an impressive array of fibre.
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