Bacon Asparagus Skewers

These bacon and asparagus skewers make a great hors d’oeuvres, side at a BBQ or as an entrée when entertaining guests.  You can wrap the bacon around the asparagus in traditional way but for a quick and easy option just thread them onto skewers.  If you are using wooden skewers then soak them overnight so they don’t burn but I have metal skewers I can re-use.



  • Wash and trim asparagus and cut into equal pieces
  • Slice bacon into 2-3 pieces
  • Thread asparagus and bacon until the skewer is full
  • Grill over a medium heat for 4-5 minutes or until bacon is crisp
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Michele Lyons spent 25 years working in the corporate environment with 10 years as an Executive Assistant at a senior level. A couple of years ago Michele decided to forgo the long hours in the city to work closer to home and spend more time with her two teenage boys. Michele started working with us at the Farmers Markets and her excellent organisation skills meant she quickly moved into the office. Since Michele joined The Free Range Butcher her role has expanded to include all things administration, recipe testing, inspirational ideas, marketing, communications and all round keeping the team organised and on track. As long as Michele’s has had her morning coffee you can ask her anything!

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