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Why we Choose to Produce Grass Fed Products

Quite often I get asked why our meat isn’t organic, and the reality is that organic farming systems are not necessarily suited to all environments or all farming enterprises.

Our farm is situated in an area with high summer rainfall and hot days, which are the perfect environment for grass fed beef and lamb, but these conditions, are also beneficial to worms and parasites. I can hear some of you now saying, ‘what about stock rotation’, ‘diatomaceous earth’ etc…We know about them, and have implemented some of them for decades. We have chosen a farming system that suits our ideals, our environment and our farm, and we use natural preventative measures whenever we can, and science when we can’t.

We believe that our holistic farm system is the best for our environment and our animals. Sure, we could produce an organic product but what would be the point if we had a high mortality rate, or possible large numbers isolated or quarantined for medical treatment? We are about ethical treatment of animals after all.

We aim to give our customers the best grass fed or free range product we can produce ourselves or can find locally. To give you a sick or unhealthy product, not in prime condition, and then be proud to stand beside it saying, “It’s great, because it’s organic”, is not our game. Providing an honest, grass fed product with minimal chemical is our aim.

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