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Do you LIKE The Free Range Butcher?

We really hope you do! If you just can’t get enough of us, you can also LIKE us on Facebook for regular updates, recipes and special offers. We aim to post an update every couple of days at least.

If you’re already one of our LIKERS (thank you!), but you’re not seeing regular updates from us you might need to change your Facebook settings. You see, the tech folks at Facebook like to keep us all on our toes, and unless you specifically choose to receive all of our updates you may be missing out…

To make sure you get all the posts you just need to visit The Free Range Butcher page, hover your mouse over the LIKED button at the facebooknotifytop of page and click “Get Notifications”. Once you’ve done that you will always receive our updates.

This method also applies to any other businesses you LIKE on Facebook, so if you think you’re not getting all the posts you expected, try changing your notification settings for each of the pages you’re interested in.


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