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How to Choose Ethical, Sustainable and Traceable Food this Christmas

One of the loveliest things about Christmas is getting together with family and friends and enjoying beautiful food. Given our climate in December there’s an increasing trend towards cold dishes like ham and seafood, rather than the traditional roast*. What’s also changing is consumer awareness around food production....

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Food, Shelter, Friends and Space – It’s a Free Range Pig’s Life

It’s really exciting watching our pig herd evolve. I haven’t had a lot of exposure to large groups of pigs before. To watch a group of pigs in natural surroundings is like watching a group of kids in the playground at lunch; some are sleeping under trees or trying to hide in the bushes, others are chasing...

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The Pigs Have Arrived at Blue Hills!

My dad Pete has many hats; father and family man, farmer, truck driver, meat salesman extraordinaire, fall back guy, and now, Free Range Pig Farmer! The old bloke headed over to the Free Range Pig Mecca on Rob Roy Road, Inverell recently and picked up our pigs, and from all reports they have settled in well and are getting...

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