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Emma with her carrots

Will’s Garden Update

Teaching my kids where their food comes from is part of why we grow as much as we can. The next step is showing them how to cook. My two are generally pretty good when it comes to what they eat and they like to remind me that they picked those carrots or planted the seeds that grew that zucchini.

School holidays around our house saw a lot of activities for the kids helping in the kitchen and out around the garden. We’ve just pulled up another crop of carrots to make way for some gold zucchini and yellow button squash. The Lebanese zucchini’s and cucumbers are going great, as are the many other greens that we have. There’s nothing more rewarding than when the kids eat the veg straight out of the ground.

We’ve just planted the zucchini and squash we started from seed a few weeks back, if the ducks don’t get into them I hope we’ll have another good crop.


If you are looking for something quick and easy for the kids to grow, try radish. They are a small plant which are perfect for pots and containers if you are limited to space and they only take about 4-6 weeks till they are ready to harvest.

I’ll be sure to post another email soon once these squash start producing.

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