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5 Tips for a Stress Free Backyard BBQ

One of the appeals of a BBQ is it’s easy. Right? Well that’s the idea anyway. Have you ever found yourself running between the kitchen and the backyard, all the while trying to be a witty and entertaining host. Easy it aint!

With Sydney predicted to have at least another month of warm temperatures, here’s 5 tips for Hosting a Stress Free Backyard BBQ.

1. Be Prepared

When planning your menu, choose dishes that can be prepared well in advance. You want to be able to enjoy the BBQ too, so opt for fresh salads and then BBQ some quality steaks once your guests arrive. If you want to be SUPER organised, grab some toothpicks and thread a small Post-it note through the top so you can note whether the steak is rare, medium or well done. You can also slow roast or use your slow cooker to do a lamb shoulder, pork neck or beef brisket.  You can cook these the day before or start early in the morning.
Dessert can be as simple as a scoop of quality gelato or ice cream. Even this can be pre-prepared by scooping it in to small bowls (or cup cake wrappers) so when dessert time calls you can just grab them from the freezer. 

2. Help Yourself

Make it as easy as possible for guests to help themselves. Write out a quick menu and place it on the serving table, or pop a cute label in or in front of each dish (note: this is really useful if you have guests with allergies or intolerances).

3. Inflate Your Fridge

Grab a kiddie pool and fill with ice, pop it up on your serving table and you have the perfect place to keep (covered) salads cool and easily accessible for your guests. If you have space, place your drinks inside too, or grab a second pool and do the same on another table.

4. Game On

So that you don’t feel the pressure to constantly entertain your guests, gather up some simple games that everyone can enjoy either before or after the meal is served. Inflatable lawn bowls, totem tennis and quoits are suitable for all ages and will bring out the competitive spirit in even the most mild mannered person!

5. Bin It

Don’t let your guests have to guess (or interrupt you to ask) what to do with their plates, cutlery and rubbish. Gather some buckets or bins, label them clearly and the cleaning up *almost* takes care of itself!

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