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6 Ways to Cook Chicken Breasts

Cooking chicken breast sometimes falls off the radar as the weather cools down. Here are a few tips for cooking this delicious and versatile meat all year round.

  1. Stuffed chicken breasts – These often look fancy but are actually simple to do. The easiest way to stuff a chicken breast is to make a slit down the side of the breast, stuff it with your choice of filling, and then wrap it in bacon, prosciutto or ham. Bake in a hot oven until cooked through.
  2. Crumbed chicken breasts – Make sure that your chicken pieces are all of the same thickness so that they cook evenly. After you’ve fried the chicken finish it off in the oven.
  3. Soup with chicken breasts – Few things beat chicken soup when someone’s not feeling well. Chicken breast is ideal to add to a range of soups, and can be cubed, sliced or shredded to suit your tastes.
  4. Curries with chicken breasts – While they’re all delicious, some of the best chicken breast curries come from Thailand, where you can choose from green through to yellow and red.
  5. Risottos with chicken breasts – For a warming meal to feed a crowd you can’t go past a risotto. These are also great dishes to stretch out a couple of chicken breasts to feed many.
  6. Pies with chicken breasts – Chicken breast makes a great addition to a pie, staying moist and tender, without adding any extra fat to the mix. For the simplest pie of all, choose a recipe that just uses pastry on top.


What’s your favourite way to cook with chicken breasts? Share with us below.

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