At a Glance: Nutritional Values of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken

The following table offers an At A Glance view of the nutrient make up of Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken. When looking at the nutrient value that various meat types contain per 100gms, keep in mind that you need to be consuming a variety of food sources in order to have a balanced diet. So while the percentage values for some meat types may seem low, it’s the combination of different sources – meat, veggies, fruit, wholegrains, etc – that is key.

To read more about the Vitamins and Minerals found in meat, and how they contribute to our overall health, I recommend reading this article on the Vitamin and Mineral Benefits of Meat and also the Protein Benefits of Consuming Meat.

Nutritional Value Daily % Intake Per 100gms

Vitamin B12 Iron Zinc Selenium
Grass Fed Beef 17% 9% 26% 37%
Pasture Fed Lamb 48% 11% 31% 14%
Pasture Fed Free Range Pork 9% 7% 21% 51%
Free Range Chicken 1% 2% 2% 11%

Disclaimer: This article is written for information purposes only. Information included in this article is not intended to treat or cure individuals. As every individual is so unique, so too are their dietary needs and restrictions. Always seek the advice from a healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet.

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