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Friday the 13th

It’s unclear where the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th started but if the month starts on a Sunday then you’ll have a Friday the 13th.

October brings us a Friday the 13th and Halloween.  If you are little superstitious when it comes to Friday the 13th then lets eat foods that bring us luck.

Pork is considered to be one of the luckiest foods to eat. Why? Pigs are rotund, which represents prosperity. They also “root forward” with their noses, which symbolizes progress. You can choose to eat your lucky pig any which way, including ham, sausage, roasted shoulder, pork belly, ham hocks and bacon.  We’ve all heard the expression ‘high on the hog’.

Foods that are shaped in a ring are thought to bring good luck, possibly because they symbolize ‘coming full circle’.  We were going to suggest rissoles but maybe you’re thinking donuts, macaroons or soufflé.

Otherwise you could embrace the weird and scary and make mice meatballs.mice meatballs

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