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Perfect Sausage

How to Cook the Perfect Sausage

With the warmer weather here, Sausages are more and more popular. And so it is time to debunk an Old Wives’ Tale. DO NOT PRICK YOUR SAUSAGES.

Legend has it that this lets the fat out. But, with today’s sausages – and ours in particular – having a much lower fat content, you simply do not need to release the fat. If you lose all the fat, you lose much of the flavour too. And with our sausages having no added binder, the fat works to keep your sausage moist and held together.

Sausages should be cooked over a low heat, and turned a couple of times. If your grill is too hot the skin will split, the fat will spill out, and… well… see the paragraph above.

Feeling like some sausages now? Be sure to try our very popular Preservative and Gluten Free Beef Sausages, or our Gourmet Sausage range, including our Chicken and Leek Sausage which is very popular.

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