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My Best Ever Pitch

Long-time readers would be aware that a butcher’s November newsletter is prime time for Christmas Ham talk. You know the lines… ‘Nearly Sold Out’, ‘Last Chance’, ‘Early Bird Catches the Worm’, blah, blah, blah. Well this newsletter won’t be like that…until towards the end. Which is soon, because this is a short newsletter, ‘cause we have heaps to do. i.e. HAMS.

This super El-Nino thing has brought us more rain up home on the farm, not less. We have had a great start to Spring and hope for some more follow up rain to get the summer grasses going. We are in the middle of the season at the moment with short green ‘sheep feed’ in abundance. There has been good ground moisture after several storms and another good fall would gain us feed for Summer. Without that rain the hot days will burn off the delicate short feed and things could turn hard fairly quickly. The super El-Nino may have his day yet.

Now, here it comes… You my friends, NEED Pasture Fed Ham on your Christmas table this year. Our hams are all ethically grown from either our farm near Barraba, or Jack Hewitt’s’ place ‘Oakleigh’ near Gunnedah.

While you may find other Free Range Hams around town, how do you know where they come from? Can you talk to the farmer, or even find out who they are? Were the pigs grown in
sweet pastures and grasses? Or in an outside grassless paddock? Were the Hams individually cured and smoked using age old techniques? Or mass produced by the Big Boys? If you haven’t had our Pasture Fed Hams before, our silver medals from the Fine Food Awards for the last two years will assure you of quality and consistency. So hopefully now you WANT our fabulous ham on your table, you’ll be even happier to know that this year we can help your pocket by offering a $5 per kilo reduction in price from last year due to our efficiencies on farm and in production. A Better Ham for a Better Price.

Now that, my mouth watering little Ham eaters, is the best sales pitch I’ve ever done! Feel free to drop me a line and tell me if you agree or agree!

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