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How to cook the perfect steak is probably one of our most popular articles and one of the most popular brochures we hand out at the markets every weekend.

We want you to enjoy the meat you get from us and so knowing how to cook the different cuts is something we want to share with you.   We want you to know that there are certain things you can’t BBQ and certain things that go best in the slow cooker.

We know our customers are searching the different cuts of meat and how to cook them but you also need an idea of what to serve with it.

Whilst we have lots of recipes for our meat, don’t forget we are constantly adding different salads and sides to our website.  Anything with lots of colour looks great on the table as we come into Christmas or to take advantage of daylight savings and just enjoy a late BBQ.

Summer isn’t summer unless there are mangos involved and this Mango and Avocado Salsa would be one of my all time favourite sides that goes with just about anything.


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