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Together We are One

When you work in a small team like us here at The Free Range Butcher it makes a positive difference to be surrounded by like minded people who share the same values as you and who are not afraid to pitch in and help out.

It’s always all hands on deck no matter what needs to be done around here.  Our management team can be found in the office, or down in the warehouse during the week, and at the Farmers Markets on the weekend.  We are lucky to have such multi-skilled employees who don’t mind a very early start!

Teamwork is key to our success and can also be seen in our gardens and kitchens.  We all love to cook and experiment in the kitchen but even more than that, we all love the satisfaction of growing our own.  We all know Ben has a bountiful backyard veggie gardening going, Will has acres and is growing all kinds of herbs and veggies, and I even manage to grow some herbs on my balcony.

“Sharing is caring” we say, so when Will and Ben supplied me with this amazing produce recently, I turned it into chicken stock paste.  This is a great alternative to avoiding nasty, chemical laden stock cubes, or if you don’t have homemade liquid chicken stock ready to go.  This lasts in the fridge for 4-6 months so you have a tablespoon of chicken stock whenever you need it.

Homemade Chicken stock paste is a team effort

Homemade Chicken stock paste is a team effort

Note the three jars – one for each of us!

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