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When to use Olive Oil vs. Butter in Cooking

Opinions are divided on the healthiest fats to use in cooking, but if you do like to use olive oil and/or butter in your cooking, here’s the low down on when to use each one.

The two biggest differences between olive oil and butter are flavour and smoke point. Butter will burn and smoke long before olive oil will. If you are frying with butter, you need to keep the heat low.

For sauces and gravies, especially those with milk in them, butter usually works better. Sauces with a tomato base work best with olive oil. It is also great on foods you grill, and in marinades that include vinegar, or with citrus and garlic.

TIP: If you are frying at a relatively high heat, but still want the butter flavour, add a dash of olive oil to the pan along with the butter; this will reduce the smoking point and prevent the butter from burning.


Tell me, what do you prefer to use?

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