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Waiting and Watching

When I was a kid Sony made Walkman’s not PlayStation’s, phones were fixed to the wall, and the best TV going around was ‘The Afternoon Show’ with James Valentine on the ABC. So I spent most of my time outside. I had plenty of jobs after school: eggs and vegies to collect, firewood to chop, […]

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We’re for the Bush Appeal

Northern NSW Farmers are facing some of the toughest climatic conditions for over 60 years. To their credit they have been preparing and managing through this drought for more than 12 months. But it is tough. 86% of farmers are hand feeding livestock. A quarter of farmers have run out of their own water supplies. […]

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Life Saving Rain

It’s just before 7am, the rain clouds are leaving us, retracting to the north. The big grey clouds block the sun’s first rays and you can smell the wet earth. Over seven inches or 175mm have fallen in the last six days, nice steady rain, no heavy showers for run off, just the good soaking […]

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