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Will Goes Where the Grass Grows

Our Operations Manager, Will, and his family recently made a lifestyle change moving from the suburbs of Sydney to a more rural location. Fed up with limited space and a busy lives they decided to move further out, rediscover wide open spaces and get back to basics.

Six months on, and the whole family is loving it. Here in the office we’re loving it too. Will has become quite the keen gardener since making the move and each week brings in a different bounty to share with us.

Last week it was Cymbopogon. Not familiar with that? Neither was I. Then he told me it was lemongrass. This super strong smelling herb is a member of the grass family is commonly grown for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

All being keen cooks here, we each used it for a different recipe:

Michele, our Office Manager, even made her own tea! She used the bulbs for cooking and then tied the leaves together, hung them in the sun for 3 days and voila! Michele likes her tea strong, so she uses 2 leaves to each cup of boiling water.

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