Author: Michele Lyons

Michele Lyons spent 25 years working in the corporate environment with 10 years as an Executive Assistant at a senior level. A couple of years ago Michele decided to forgo the long hours in the city to work closer to home and spend more time with her two teenage boys. Michele started working with us at the Farmers Markets and her excellent organisation skills meant she quickly moved into the office. Since Michele joined The Free Range Butcher her role has expanded to include all things administration, recipe testing, inspirational ideas, marketing, communications and all round keeping the team organised and on track. As long as Michele’s has had her morning coffee you can ask her anything!

When Trash Becomes Treasure (re-using egg shells!)

You know we don’t like to waste anything here at The Free Range Butcher so we’ve compiled a short list of things you can do to reuse your egg shells.  First though, a few facts: An egg shell is made of calcium carbonate, which means that each medium sized egg shell has 750-800 mgs of calcium. The shell makes up 9-12%...

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How to Roast a Whole Duck

Any kind of roast is easy and delicious but I think a roast duck is something to get excited about.   Duck has a stronger flavour than chicken, which means you can keep your sides nice and simple to not compete with the flavour of the duck. Here’s few tips to help you get the perfect roast duck. Method: The night...

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Chicken Stock Paste

I’ve had a Thermomix for about 7 years now and it was the best investment I ever made.  This chicken stock paste recipe can also been adapted to make in a Kitchen Aid. Ingredients: 300g free range chicken thighs, diced 100g celery, roughly chopped 100g zucchini, roughly chopped 100g leek, roughly chopped 1 large...

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Sneaky Vegie Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese must surely be a staple in any household.  It certainly is in mine with two teenage boys!  Plus its a great way to hide lots of nutrients. Ingredients: 4 Tbsp olive oil 1 brown onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 sticks celery, finely chopped 1 carrot, grated 100g pumpkin, grated 2...

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Plastic Free July – Keep on Keeping On!

I’m sure you’ve all been inundated with Instagram photos, Facebook posts and Blog articles on Plastic Free July.  Rightly so we say, as it’s a subject close to our hearts here at The Free Range Butcher. Our mission has always been to produce meat products that are ethical and sustainable.  That’s not just a business...

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Chicken and Bacon in Slow Cooker

This chicken and bacon recipe works well for dinner but you could also use the chicken and bacon mixture for lunches during the week.  Double the recipe and then store half in the fridge and use as need during the week. Ingredients: 1kg Free Range Chicken Thighs 8-10 slices Free Range bacon 1 tbsp dried oregano 2 tbsps...

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