Potato Salad

This potato salad is a hearty meal on its own.  Full of protein from the eggs and bacon and pure deliciousness with our secret dressing ingredients. Usually, a potato salad uses boiled potatoes but roasting your potatoes makes this dish one even better.  You can roast your potatoes and bacon in the oven at the same time...

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Sausage & Zucchini One Pan

This sausage and zucchini dish is a winner on flavour, is budget friendly and as a bonus uses only one pan.  You can use any sausage you like but find something big on flavour like our Chicken & Jalapeno sausages. Everything about this recipe is quick and easy.  Thinly sliced onion and zucchini so it cooks quickly...

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Homemade Curry Spice Mix

I keep a cupboard full of spices.  I love it as I have whatever I need on hand to make any of our homemade spice recipes.  Making your own spices is a great alternative to store bought spices.  They are fresh and have no preservatives or fillers in them.  It also means you can change up the flavour slightly of any of...

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