Homemade Curry Spice Mix

I keep a cupboard full of spices.  I love it as I have whatever I need on hand to make any of our homemade spice recipes.  Making your own spices is a great alternative to store bought spices.  They are fresh and have no preservatives or fillers in them.  It also means you can change up the flavour slightly of any of...

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Tzatziki Sauce

A Tzatziki Sauce can go with so many options but is obviously a favourite with Lamb Souvlaki.  This recipe will take you no more than five minutes to make.  We are keeping it simple and using Greek yoghurt as it is readily available and is nice and thick and creamy which is what you want for Tzatziki sauce. Ingredients: 1...

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Tandoori Spice Mix

I usually use a Tandoori paste but had forgotten to buy one so came up with this spice mix recipe.  I have lots of spices in the cupboard which allows me to make up my own mixes when I need it.  Bonus is no fillers or preservatives. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons Ground Ginger 1 tablespoon Cumin 3 tablespoons Coriander 1...

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