Author: Michele Lyons

Michele Lyons spent 25 years working in the corporate environment with 10 years as an Executive Assistant at a senior level. A couple of years ago Michele decided to forgo the long hours in the city to work closer to home and spend more time with her two teenage boys. Michele started working with us at the Farmers Markets and her excellent organisation skills meant she quickly moved into the office. Since Michele joined The Free Range Butcher her role has expanded to include all things administration, recipe testing, inspirational ideas, marketing, communications and all round keeping the team organised and on track. As long as Michele’s has had her morning coffee you can ask her anything!

Glazed Carrots

This is the kind of side dish that elevates any piece of protein you pop on your plate.  It is also a great side dish for any festive feasts you may be celebrating. Glazed carrots are so easy to make and this dish is simple enough for any family member to cook. Ingredients: 1kg carrots, peeled and sliced 2 tbsp butter 1...

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Katsu Sauce

Katsu sauce is a sweet tangy condiment that goes perfectly with crispy Chicken Schnitzel.  This sauce is 4 simple ingredients that you’ll find in your pantry. Ingredients: 1/4 cup tomato sauce 2 tbsp worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp oyster sauce 1/2 tbsp brown sugar Method: Combine all the sauce ingredients in a...

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Sausage Hoagies

Sausages are a family favourite and this dish to easy to make and fun to eat.  The whole family will love it and it’s an easy mid-week meal or when entertaining friends on the weekend. Ingredients: 4-6 Thick Beef Sausages 1 cup Italian marinara sauce 1 red onion, sliced 1 red capsicum and 1 green capsicum, sliced 2...

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No Mayo Crunchy Coleslaw

I was making coleslaw and didn’t have any mayonnaise or avocado oil to make my own.  So I came up with this dressing for my coleslaw.  The chili flakes are optional but I thoroughly recommend adding a few. Ingredients: 1/2 red cabbage, finely sliced 1 carrot, grated 1 bunch mint, chopped 1 bunch coriander, chopped 3...

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Pork with Honey, Garlic & Butter

Need an easy dinner for date night?  Pork medallions are nice and lean and super simple to cook and the sauce is done in the same pan.   I served this with a crunchy coleslaw but if you want to save on preparation time then buy a salad kit. Ingredients: 4 x Pasture Fed Pork Medallions 20g butter 2 gloves garlic, minced 1/4...

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Homemade Curry Spice Mix

I keep a cupboard full of spices.  I love it as I have whatever I need on hand to make any of our homemade spice recipes.  Making your own spices is a great alternative to store bought spices.  They are fresh and have no preservatives or fillers in them.  It also means you can change up the flavour slightly of any of...

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