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Grass Fed Meat – Why Eat It?

It’s better. It’s that simple! Grass Fed versus Grain Fed – there are numerous articles around the pros and cons and the impact on our Health. The fact that you are reading this may mean that you are considering buying or have bought from The Free Range Butcher and are therefore conscious of how your meat is produced...

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Slow Cooked Turkey Shanks

This is a bit like Greek Klefitko but I tried it with turkey shanks instead of lamb.  Wow so yum.  Don’t be put off by the steps, its all easily done in the oven and comes out tasting amazing.  If you want to cook for a bit longer then turn the oven down to 150 degrees. Ingredients: 2 Free Range Organic Turkey...

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Pork Fillet Stir Fry with Red Curry Paste and Noodles

I find a stir fry is a great end of week meal to use up all your vegies before you head back to the Farmers Markets.  Pork fillet is great for a stir fry as it cooks quickly so makes this dish really easy to throw together quickly. Ingredients: 2 Free Range Pasture Fed Pork Fillets 2 tbsp red curry paste 1 large red...

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Stuffed Capsicums with Spiced Mince

This recipe is definitely a mixed of cultures.  You have mince, mixed with a Greek seasoning, stuffed in capsicums Italian style, topped with Lebanese Toum (garlic dip).  I’d also say its a great budget friendly meal as you could use any leftover mince you had on hand.  Change up the flavours by using a different...

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Recipe: Duck Breast Salad with Apple and Bacon

You can multi-task all the elements of this dish at same time to get it on the table in under 20 minutes. Ingredients: 2 Duck Breast fresh or smoked  4 rashes Free Range Bacon Mixed lettuce leaves 2 red apples, thinly sliced Vinaigrette 3 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp white wine vinegar grind of black pepper and grind of...

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